Today, human qualities make the difference. Our team is driven by passion, competence, dedication and professionalism and is made up of a pharmacist, two graduates in herbal sciences and techniques and two qualified herbalists. Female staff represent 50% of the workforce and the team is characterised by a very low turnover. They are always at the customer's disposal to provide information, satisfy technical requests, and offer advice with precision and reliability. Put us to the test!


Wide range: we have a very large catalogue of raw material (dried herbs) with more than 1,200 items divided between national and exotic medicinal plants, herbal drugs, aromatic plants, spices, gum and resins, with different types of cut.

Processing: we have always favoured the use of whole products and work directly with the plants. Leaves and flowers, berries and roots, wood, bark and herbs are cut through several processing steps.

The company is equipped with technological systems for sorting, cutting, grinding and is also available for third-party processing.

Cutting:  plants can be ordered in the following types of cut: infusion or filter (tea bags).

Grinding/pulverising: this is one of our production processes of excellence. Using our mills we are able to produce both fine powders from almost all catalogue items and coarse powders for specific production requirements.

Mixing: the plants are mixed slowly and carefully to avoid crushing.

Packaging: the company is able to produce different packaging formats: traditional paper, aluminium or polypropylene packaging; vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging for both small (1-5 kg) and large (10-20 kg) packages to guarantee the best preservation of the products by preventing any type of alteration. A label containing, within its main structure, an additional label with all the essential elements to be eliminated in order to mark, where appropriate, registers and containers.

Small packages for the end consumer are made on request, either heat-sealed in paper or vacuum-packed, meeting all legal requirements.

Herbal tea preparations: on request, blends are made according to a recipe provided by the customer, the formulation of which is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Quality: upon acceptance, all plants are checked at origin to validate their compliance with the required quality standards. Leading accredited laboratories work with the company to perform microbiological controls and check for countless other contaminants.

Our quality policy is based not only on an exhaustive knowledge of each individual plant, but also on the experience and validation of long-standing, accredited suppliers. This enables us to guarantee the complete traceability of our raw materials and every single step of the production process. The Quality Assurance department oversees all the stages ensuring that each step complies with the HACCP method.

The process of manual sorting of herbal drugs is one of our strengths, enabling us to guarantee high quality. This is supplemented by sorting through metal detectors that can separate even the smallest metal particles, and sorting through air separators that remove the heaviest particles.

Delivery and After-sales service: we are able to process orders received within a maximum of 3-4 working days. After-sales service is also carried out proactively.

Logistics: we work in partnership with highly reliable national transport companies that enable the tracking of the shipment at various stages.

Cultural commitment: publication of books, technical data sheets, regular updates - Minardi News - activities that we personally support to maintain and develop the culture of herbalism, phytotherapy and plants.

Research: in-depth and continuous research of new references to propose to customers; collaboration with University Institutes, with great focus on the recovery of tradition while building towards the future.

Customer service: direct customer relationship management, without intermediaries, represents the true strategic value of our company, in addition to our ability to listen and our availability, which are the basis of all our professional relationships.


Business hours: 8 a.m. to 12 noon, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (summer period: Fridays early closure at 4 p.m.).

Telephone voicemail service on 0545-61460 and e-mail info@minardierbe.it always active.
Support mobile no.: 368-3393425, only active during trade fairs and in case of problems with the landline network.