There is a story behind our work

Medicinal plants, herbal drugs and spices (raw material) since 1930

The company A. Minardi & Figli has been active in domestic and foreign markets since 1930, spanning three generations, operating in the wholesale trade and processing of medicinal plants, herbal drugs and spices (raw material).

A company with extremely strong ties to the territory of Romagna, which extends over an area of about 5,600 square metres and occupies a total covered area of 2,200 square metres, employing more than 20 people.

The company was founded by Alfredo Minardi, who started out, in his youth around the early 1920s, working for the local Agricultural Consortium, collecting herbs and roots and expanding his knowledge of their health-giving properties. Later, after leaving the Consortium, he turned this passion into a profession, collecting plants for companies in the liqueur and pharmaceutical sectors. The business itself expanded from the mid-1930s through the sale of colonial goods from Italian East Africa which, given the era, could only be self-sufficient products such as hibiscus tea instead of tea.

Joining his father was his eldest son Diego - one of the many members of the family (5 daughters and 2 sons) - who, alongside his sister Anna, expanded the scope of domestic sales into important foreign markets right from the start. All this led to the classification of Romagna products, first and foremost the renowned Coriander, of which there was a commercial variety known unsurprisingly as “seed of Romagna”, also popular in Russia. With this fundamental impetus from Diego, who graduated as a herbalist in Bologna in 1953 with Prof. Lodi, the range of products handled by Minardi & Figli has always expanded to include not only the most common plants, but also the more unusual and exotic ones. His commitment to both the qualification of the figure of the herbalist and the countless legislative battles for the recognition of herbal products has been remarkable.

Today, the company is run by Dr Irene Minardi, a pharmacist, supported not only by the younger generation of the family, but also by highly specialised and trained staff (we have two herbalists with diplomas and two graduates in applied pharmaceutical sciences). The company is distinguished by its rigorous selection of raw materials, by an offer that we are proud to say is one of the most comprehensive nationwide, and by its excellent and prompt response to customer needs. The product range is aimed exclusively at professionals: customers include herbalists, pharmacies, spirit makers, as well as pharmaceutical, food, homoeopathic, cosmetic and veterinary industries. The company has always been committed to continuous improvement when it comes to the environment, promoting the use of clean energy.

It is a founding member of Assoerbe, Italian association of processors, importers, exporters, wholesalers and representatives of foreign houses of medicinal, aromatic and fragrance plants.

In May 2021, MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) granted our company registration in the prestigious Special Register of Historical Brands, established in 2019. The value of this Association is based on the key prerequisite that the brand has been in continuous operation over the last 50 years under the same name. This represents a continuity that in itself legitimises not only cultural and productive tradition, but also the ability of the company to renew itself over time. Our company was founded in the 1930s, and this fact formalises not only the strength of our expertise, but also the credibility and authority it has gained through its 100-year history.